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Tom Knight <tk at> wrote in news:vuyn00xqik2.fsf at soggy-

> I have many PDF files which I would like to organize and index.  How
> do others deal with online paper files?  I'd be especially interested
> in methods for linking into Pubmed or other bibliographic reference
> systems.

I use reference manager for my bibliography/paper management system.  Each 
reference/paper gets (in my hands) a number, so everything gets filed 
sequentially according to date of input.

Downloaded papers get organized on my (IBM-PC type) computer in a 
"downloads" directory in subdirectories by journal name, with filenames 
consisting of:
<vol#>-<page#>RM<reference mananger ID#>.pdf
like: E:\Acrobat Downloads\FEBSLetters\510-0062 RM5475.pdf
This info also goes into Referencce Manager, so a single click there opens 
the paper.
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