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That organization is a good idea.   For searching, I use Q1  which indexes
every file on my hard drive. PDF, DOC, Email, XLS, etc.     Very fast for
finding content.

I have about 20GB on my drive, the Q1 index is about 300MB.

You can get a trial download at

Walt Schick
BioSep Co
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> > I have many PDF files which I would like to organize and index.  How
> > do others deal with online paper files?  I'd be especially interested
> > in methods for linking into Pubmed or other bibliographic reference
> > systems.
> I dump them all into one folder named, simply, "PDF". The organization
> is in the filenames, specifically, like so:
> (X, Y) Insert title of this paper here.pdf
> where
> X = Surname of the senior author
> Y = Senior author's initials
> Doing a Find in Windows is usually easy enough from here; I use
> Endnote to link the papers I need in as I need them.
> HTH.
> Don Incognito
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