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dear contact,
   On bahalf of Europe Monetary Security(Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and i, received this notification mail with great pleasure.Your information were derived from our search expatiates staffs,during Europe Free Trade Association(EFTA) delegation trip to Europe and Asian countries during a bilateral confrence talk to encourage foreign investors.
   Europe Monetary Security has desided to seek a co-orperation with you in execution of a national development project hereunder for the benefit of both parties.
   First i must solicit that one has no doubth in your ability to handle a lucrative financial business of a considerable amount,which will form the bedrock of an extensive business partnership in due course. In unfolding this proposal,i want to count on you as a respected executive of your company to handle this fund with all maturity and attention it deserves.
    Within the department of Europe Monetary Security where i worked as the financial manager of project implementation,with co-orperation of other officials,we use this medium to fund raise loan to firms of either categories. Europe Monetary Security(Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry) has invested so much in developing most economic growth.
    The govern of Europe Monetary Security believes that private investors in general,and foreign direct investors in particular,are the real engines for the sustainable economic development,for this reason continity in encouraging investment as the key growth-oriented sector of development with sincere determinationto fund foreign investors.As to continue to enjoy close relationship and a mutually beneficial co-orperation with foreign government and non-governmental investors.
    As a result we include our funding for approval with co-operation of SWISS BANK to finance(as loan) investors all over the globe.
   The SWISS government controll award and development commitee called (SADIC) in the zonal planning committe awarded a contract to Europe Monetary Security.The security company is an award winning company that has attracted foreign firm into the country by my organisation. Europe Monetary Security has put over 10,750,925,000.00(ten billion seven hundred and fifty million nine hundred and twenty five thousand Euro) on income tax anually to boast SWISS economic growth.
   Your intrest and responce would be used to make formal applications as a matter of financial aid procedure.
          FLOYD NELSON
         (Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
          EMAIL: financial_floydnelson at

NB: Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry has decided to aid finance small and large firm to help promote their nature of investment to boost the world growth economic mostly which is a factor that help in the industrial improvement to develop most economic industrial growth.Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry has attracted alot of governmental and non-governmental investors to promote industrial growth in most europe and asia countries,which is a source of economic growth.Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry has also help to aid individuals with advice and finance to carry out their dreams desire.This has help to reduce unemployment in most countries.
   Please reply as fast as you receive this mail with the email given above to help finance your investment aid and make your investment plans materialise.Contact finacial manager(floyd nelson) to help with all required procedures and financial assistance.
Confirming receipt of your correspondence and assuring you that in line with our principle of efficiency,transperency and customer satisfactory,you shall be treated with the best possible service within the abilities of this office and in line with company policies.
   You are required to respond and act promptly to the intructions provided to ensure smooth financial funding of your company.Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry  ia an award winning security fund lending company an executive allied member of Europe Monetary Security.EUROPE MONETARY SECURITY has reached an agreement with SWISS BANK to release funds to firms as instructed.
   SWISS BANK lends fund to only firms that meet up with our standard of approved security policies. Any governmentor non-governmental investors/firms or individual small scale business should be able to meet on 100% standard security requirement.
    Europe Monetary Security approved as much funds from a minimum of  150,000.00 euro to a maximum of 10,000,000,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand Euro to ten billion Euro).
   Please contact your financial manager immediately for due processing of satisfactory agreement in financial funding of your firms/business.
 ATTENTION:You are to meet up with our loan policies. Europe Monetary Security required an agreement contract policies with you.You are required to remit 85% in every 6month(14.2%monthly as intrest rate).Your inability to meet up with our requirement automatically unstable your financial co-orperation.Your ability to be sucessful in your business nature will automatically make you a gold associate member with our company.


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