Washing of microarrays?

Peter Frank peter_frankde at yahoo.de
Wed Dec 8 04:48:12 EST 2004


I am preparing an oligonucleotide microarray, which is pretty similar
to doing a Northern blot. The microarray membrane is contained in a
small tube. Hybridization is done in a hybridizaton oven under
rotation at 7 rpm, which is within the recommended speed range.
However, the washing steps are to be performed at 20-30 rpm for around
15 min. Unfortunately, our hybridization oven only runs at 7 rpm,
other settings are not possible.
Based on your experience with Northern blots or microarrays, how would
you modify the washing steps if you could only do the washing steps at
7 rpm instead of 20-30 rpm? (After all, there are principles of
kinetics and equilibria behind all this.)


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