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Ewing's history would guarantee it would be mob-
oriented. Another plus for media exposure. 3) As Anson reveals,
Ewing has now broadened his character assassination talents from
Garrison to the Kennedys (p. 110). Like John Davis, and against
the record, Ewing believes RFK was not only in on the Castro
plots but controlled them to the point of choosing which mobsters
to use. His source on this? A "senior CIA official" (Anson p.
115). Did Ewing follow the Davis example and lunch with Richard

Not since Gerald Posner has a book on the JFK case been as touted
as Hersh's. It started in Esquire with a teaser article in its
September 1996 issue. In July and September of this year, Liz
Smith kept up the barrage of pro-Hersh blurbs in her column. The
September 23rd notice stated that Hersh's book would focus on the
Kennedys and Monroe and how RFK had Monroe killed.

As everyone knows by now, the whole Monroe angle blew up in
Hersh's face. When Hersh had to reluctantly admit on ABC that he
had been had, he did it on the same spot where Rivers, Summers,
and Sylvia Chase had played martyrs for the tabloid cause, namely
20/20. On September 25th, Peter Jen

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