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which had been contemplated and planned by the U.S. Power Elite for
quite some time. Going all the way back to the Kissinger threat and plan
to steal the Arab oil fields in reaction to the 1973 Arab oil embargo of
the West that was assisting Israel in its war to hold on to the Arab
lands Israel had illegally stolen in its 1967 aggressions against the
surrounding Arab states and peoples.25 The collapse of the Warsaw Pact
and the disintegration of the Soviet Union gave the U.S. Power Elite the
opportunity to put their Machiavellian scheme for world economic
hegemony into operation.26 In other words, the Bush Jr. wars of
aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq are part of a longstanding
American plan to control and dominate the oil and natural gas supplies
for Europe, Japan, and Asia, and thus the future of the world's economy.
What my teacher, mentor, and later friend, the late and great Professor
Hans Morgenthau once denominated as "unlimited imperialism"27 in his
classic work Politics Among Nations. 

Of course, the Bush Sr. war against Iraq for oil in 1991 was the first
battle in this U.S. quest for world economic hegemony. To the same
effect were the Bush Sr. invasion of Somalia;28 the Clinton/Bush Jr.
military intervention into Colombia;29 Bush Jr.'s support for the
anti-Chavez coup in oil-rich Venezuela;30 the post-9/11 U.S. military
intervention into and occupation of Djibouti in order to control the
Suez Canal/Persian Gulf oil route to Europe, and also to obtain direct
military access to the oil and natural gas resources around the Horn of
Africa; the August 2003 U.S. military intervention into Liberia, once
again to grab direct military access to the oil and natural gas
resources located off and on th

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