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called the president
"Jack"). In the ensuing exchanges of sealed envelopes between the
two, Exner didn't open any of them. In another aside, Kennedy
cutely tells her, "Don't let him [Giancana] turn your head."

Later, JFK wanted meetings with Roselli too. After a series of
these, the meetings stopped. Retroactively, Exner finally
realized that, unbeknownst to her, she was arranging the plots to
kill Castro.

The trusting Kelley never seemed curious enough to ask the
skeptical questions that any researcher would pose. For instance,
the Kennedy family's worth at that time was estimated to be
between 400 and 600 million. With that kind of money, why would
they need someone like Giancana to buy a state as sparsely
populated as West Virginia? Was he supposed to rally up the
squirrel vote? Kelley never asked what Bobby Kennedy's reaction
was to seeing Giancana at the White House. But considering his
efforts against Giancana, it must have been something like, "Geez
Sam, I guess our surveillance slipped. I didn't know you were
going to be here tonight." Or to his brother: "Jack, this is
going to make me look like a hypocrite. Also, it will compromise
my case against this guy in court when he shows the judge that
photo of us three sitting here." Finally, Kelley has no questions
about a glaring inconsistency in her scenario. In the course of
these ongoing meetings, probably at the f

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