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" that Dulles and
Bissell informed JFK of the plots. Incredibly, Davis builds on
this foundation of sand by postulating that the reason Kennedy
decided to go ahead with the Bay of Pigs was that he knew the CIA
would kill Castro by then and it would therefore be an easy
victory! (Davis, p. 292.)

Davis must know he's on shaky ground, because he fishes for
substantiation outside of the Church Committee report. Davis
states that his quest for this led him to the home of none other
than Richard Helms (Ibid, p. 289). Helms told Davis, "that he
believed Bissell was correct, that, knowing him, he would not
commit perjury before a Senate committee." (Ibid). Davis leaves
out the fact that perjury is precisely what Helms committed
before a Senate committee in 1973 about CIA involvement in Chile.

He also fails to tell the reader anything about the Helms-Bissell
relationship, which makes his "vouching" for Bissell almost
humorous. When the two were in the CIA, there were few rivalries
more pronounced and few resentments more public than the one
between Bissell and Helms, who resented his boss because Bissell
kept him out of the loop on some operations. Helms, according to
Evan Thomas' The Very Best Men, was happy to see the Bay of Pigs
capsize because it meant Bissell would be out and that Helms
would move up ( 

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