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Sat Dec 11 15:11:11 EST 2004

The Establishment Takes Some Hits

The political fallout from the Church Committee was quite
intense. The CIA took quite a few hits, though it emerged intact.

Eastern Establishment-GOP mainstay Allen Dulles was implicated in
the authorization of two assassination plots (Lumumba and
Castro). Even Republican icon Dwight Eisenhower was implicated:
The chain of events revealed by the documents and testimony is
strong enough to permit a reasonable inference that the plot to
assassinate Lumumba was authorized by President Eisenhower.

Nixon was shown to be obsessed with getting rid of the Allende
regime in Chile. And since he had already been disgraced with
Watergate, his defenders, like Bill Safire of the New York Times,
felt that this was piling on. As we shall see, Safire struck back
through Judith Exner.

But the plots against Castro took center stage. They seemed full
of sensational, fantastic revelations that seemed right out of a
James Bond movie: poison pills, exploding sea shells,
contaminated diving suits etc. But no matter how hard they tried,
the media moguls (New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles
Times) could not tie the Kennedys to them. This didn't seem fair
in light of all the mud heaped on Eisenhower, Dulles and the
Watergated Nixon. Unfortunately,

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