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Sat Dec 11 13:39:44 EST 2004

Charter, Judgment, and Principles, inter alia. I could file
this official U.S. government document with the International Court of
Justice in The Hague as proof-positive that it is now the official
policy of the United States government to wage criminal wars of
aggression against other U.N. member states in violation of the most
elementary principles of the contemporary international legal order that
would be too numerous to list here. What lawyers call an "Admission
Against Interest." Basically, the Bush Jr. administration has officially
incriminated the United States of America under international law and
practice. The arrogance of Power! Which usually spells their downfall.
Even more disturbingly, while it was publicly campaigning for a war of
aggression against Iraq, in December of 2002 the Bush Jr. administration
released its so-called "National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass
Destruction," which could be found published on the web-page for the
White House itself. This follow-up Nazi war plan calls for the first use
of weapons of mass extermination - chemical, biological, and nuclear -
by the United States government under the justification of waging a
preventive or preemptive war. Of course this Nazi Doctrine of Preventive
Warfare is nothing more than a pretext for wagin

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