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Sat Dec 11 14:25:04 EST 2004

unabashedly write such a thing tells us a good
deal about him (for more on Rosenbaum see the sidebar at left).

The fact that he never notes any of the discrepancies in the
story that he himself presents, tells us even more. For example,
he relates that Tony Bradlee found the diary. Yet in the article,
in the presented notes of an interview with her, she seems to
refer to more than one person being with her at that time. Also,
in those notes, Tony states that they were all honor bound not to
look at the diary. Yet Rosenbaum says that Angleton read,
indexed, and took notes on everything she found.

As is his bent, Rosenbaum seems intent on not probing key parts
of the story. The man who thinks Oswald shot at Kennedy (and
believes John Davis' Mafia Kingfish is as close as we will get to
a conspiracy alternative to Oswald), does not ask the question as
to why the Truitts seem to be siding with Angleton. That is,
unlike Bradlee's version, there are no hints of Angleton breaking
into places unexpectedly. Also indicative of this is that

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