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against Iraq, in December of 2002 the Bush Jr. administration
released its so-called "National Strategy to Combat Weapons of Mass
Destruction," which could be found published on the web-page for the
White House itself. This follow-up Nazi war plan calls for the first use
of weapons of mass extermination - chemical, biological, and nuclear -
by the United States government under the justification of waging a
preventive or preemptive war. Of course this Nazi Doctrine of Preventive
Warfare is nothing more than a pretext for waging a war of aggression in
the first place. So the Bush Jr. administration officially signaled that
it is fully prepared to be the first to use weapons of mass
extermination against its chosen adversaries around the world as part of
an offensive military operation, or even to launch a fu1l-scale war
itself. Shades of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!39 North Korea took notice and
responded accordingly to defend itself.

The Judgment of Nuremberg Suffice it to say here that the Nazi Doctrine
of Preventive Warfare was rejected by the Nuremberg Tribunal when the
Nazi defendants attempted to make this reprehensible argument in order
to justify their invasion of Norway.40 Instead, the Nuremberg Tribunal
explicitly endorsed the well-known Caroline Case (1837), thus enshrining
this test as a basic principle of the post-World War II international
legal order: "It must be remembered that preventive action in foreign
territory is justified only in case of 'an instant and over-whelming
necessity for self-defense, leaving no choice of means, and no moment of
deliberation' (The Caroline Case)." Moreover, in order to further
justify their preventive war against Norway, the Nazi defendants argued
that in accordance with reservations on self-defense made at the time of
the conclusion of the Kellogg-Briand Peace

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