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Sat Dec 11 15:13:33 EST 2004

by Richard Helms and
Harvey. Harvey admitted to the Church Committee that the Edwards
memo was a deliberately false record, a cover story. In fact,
Harvey had already taken over the plots when Edwards told Robert
Kennedy they were terminated.

JFK Never Authorized Them

On the question of authorization, every official from Kennedy's
administration testified that JFK never knew of any plots, or
authorized them. This includes Dean Rusk, Max Taylor, John McCone
(Alleged Assassination Plots pp. 154-161). Even McGeorge Bundy,
about whom many have had suspicions, denied that Kennedy had ever
approved them or been informed of any plots (Ibid. p. 156). To
conclude the matter, the two people in on them at this time
(1962) said the same, i.e. Richard Helms (Ibid. pp. 148-152) and
Bill Harvey (pp. 153-154).

The CIA did try to coax approval from him. The Church Committee
took testimony from two people who were quite compelling on this
point. They were Tad Szulc, a reporter for the New York Times
Washington bureau, and Sen. George 

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