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of the
general review of the Bay of Pigs operation that would, within
three weeks, result in the Taylor Review Board which would then
recommend reforms in CIA control of covert operations. There is
no hint, so pregnant in Davis' phrasing, that anything about
assassination was discussed.

Womanizer and Warmonger?

One of the more startling sections of the Davis book is his
treatment of Judith Exner. From the above, one would guess that
he thoroughly buys into the 1977 Exner-Demaris book. He does and
he mentions her name quite often. What is surprising is that he
goes even further. Apparently, Davis realizes his jerry-built
apparatus of Bissell-Helms, and adulteration of the record will
not stand scrutiny. So he calls up Ovid Demaris, coauthor of
Judith Exner: My Story (p. 319). From this phone call, Davis is
informed that Exner lied in the book. She did tell Kennedy about
her affair with Sam Giancana and JFK got jealous. From this,
Davis builds another scaffolding: he now postulates that Exner
was Kennedy's conduit to the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro (Ibid
p. 324). What is breathtaking about this is that this is
something that not even Exner had uttered yet, at least not for
dissemination. And she won't until her get-together with Kitty
Kelley in the February 1988 cover story for People. This curious
passage leads one to think that Davis may have planted the seed
from which the Kelley story sprouted.

To go through the entire Davis book and correct all the errors of
fact, logic, and commentary would literally take another book.
But, in line with my original argument about anti-Kennedy
biography, I must point out just two parts of Davis' discussion
of JFK's Vietnam policy. The author devotes a small chapter to
this subject. In his hands, Kennedy turns into a 

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