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Sat Dec 11 15:16:49 EST 2004

Peace Pact,
otherwise known as the Pact of Paris.55 Despite the fact that the United
States was not a Member of the League of Nations, nevertheless the
League of Nations endorsed the Stimson Doctrine with respect to the
Japanese aggression against China and in order to secure the
non-recognition Japan's establishment of its puppet-state of "Manchuko"
in Manchuria. Furthermore, on 11 March 1932 the League of Nations
Assembly passed a Resolution officially adopting the Stimson Doctrine in
the following language: "[I]t is incumbent upon the members of the
League of Nations not to recognize any situation, treaty, or agreement
which may be brought about by means contrary to the Covenant of the
League of Nations or to the Pact of Paris."

The Stimson Doctrine and its subsequent endorsement by the League of
Nations became the origins of the elemental international legal
principle that the world community of states will not recognize any
fruits flowing from aggression. Yet that is precisely what the U.N.
Security Council did in its Resolution 1472 (2003) on Iraq. Historically
it would be as if the League of Nations had adopted a resolutio

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