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he proposes to her
is different from the book. In the revisionist go round the
suggestion is that good Italian Catholics, even though they may
be murdering mobsters, don't believe in premarital sex.

More Hidden History

What are the new revelations about the Kennedys that merited
Exner's meeting with Smith for a catered dinner at the five star
Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach? There are two. First, she
forgot to add that Bobby's crimefighting campaign was a mirage.

Not only did he not mind JFK's White House meetings with
Giancana, he encouraged her in arranging them. For Vanity Fair,
she remembers RFK's words to her about the subject:
  You know I used to be at the White House having lunch or
  dinner with Jack, and Bobby would often come by. He'd
  squeeze my shoulder solicitously and ask, "Judy, are you
  O.K. carrying those messages for us to Chicago? Do you still
  feel comfortable doing it?"
This about the man who had such heavy surveillance on Giancana
that the mobster went to court to stop those six FBI agents from
following him everywhere. Including the putting green of the golf

The other revelation is something that she forgot: Kennedy
impregnated her and she had an abortion. There are some problems
with this that the never curious Smith doesn't bother to pursue.

In 1977, in her book, Exner stated that there was no abortion;
that this was a canard

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