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where Reeves stands. This is
the man who once wrote a quite sympathetic book about Joe
McCarthy (The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy). In his anthology
of essays on the foundation system (Foundations Under Fire) his
uncritical opening essay is by far the longest piece in the book.
A fierce critic like Fred Cook gets only three pages. In his
anthology of essays on McCarthy (McCarthyism), editor Reeves has
to label critics of the champion Red baiter as "liberals." Yet
when people like Bill Buckley or Brent Bozell take the floor, no
such label is necessary. In his latest book, The Empty Church,
Reeves unremittingly pillories liberals for weakening the main
Protestant churches in America. What is the cause of their
shrinking numbers? The liberalism of the sixties of course. One
long chapter is entitled "Stuck in the Sixties." This last book
was published four years after his Kennedy hatchet job, and was
sponsored by something called the Wisconsin Policy Research
Institute which sounds suspiciously like Horowitz's Center for
Popular Culture, which makes me wonder if Reeves followed an
established course of career advancement.

Reeves certainly did all he could t

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