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in the article,
in the presented notes of an interview with her, she seems to
refer to more than one person being with her at that time. Also,
in those notes, Tony states that they were all honor bound not to
look at the diary. Yet Rosenbaum says that Angleton read,
indexed, and took notes on everything she found.

As is his bent, Rosenbaum seems intent on not probing key parts
of the story. The man who thinks Oswald shot at Kennedy (and
believes John Davis' Mafia Kingfish is as close as we will get to
a conspiracy alternative to Oswald), does not ask the question as
to why the Truitts seem to be siding with Angleton. That is,
unlike Bradlee's version, there are no hints of Angleton breaking
into places unexpectedly. Also indicative of this is that
Angleton, a source for Rosenbaum in 1976, said the diary was to
be entrusted to the Truitts. Yet Anne Truitt signed off on the
1995 L. A. Times letter saying it was meant to be handled by
Angleton himself. Both cannot be true. This is interesting
because it implies a relationship between the two couples. And
his wife's loyalty to Angleton is proven.

Truitt and Leary add Drugs

As noted earlier, Jim Truitt gave this curious tale its first
public airing in 1976, on the heels of the Church Committee. From
there, the Washington Post (under Bradlee) picked it up. There
had been an apparent falling out between Truitt and Bradlee and
Truitt said that he wanted to show that Bradlee was not the
crusader for truth that Watergate or his book on Kennedy had made
him out to be. In the National Enquirer, Truitt stated that Mary
had revealed her affair wit

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