Primer synthesis problems

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Sat Dec 11 17:56:35 EST 2004

the face. A suspiciously
acting black man was apprehended nearby and was identified by a
witness as being the nearest person to Meyer before she was
killed. At the trial, the man was acquitted through the efforts
of a very good defense attorney, mainly due to the circumstantial
nature of the case. Many years after Mary's death, the National
Enquirer revealed that she had been a girlfriend of Kennedy.

Before getting into all the details of this story and its
aftermath, it is necessary to note a bit about Ben Bradlee's
actions in both the Exner and Meyer stories. Bradlee is
essential, not just because of his personal involvement in the
matters under discussion, but because he was the editor of the
Washington Post in 1976 when the Enquirer broke the story. As
with the Exner story, once the Meyer story broke, the Post gave
it its imprimatur by filling out certain elements of the story
and giving it respectable, mainstream play. Thirty five years
later, the essentials I have drawn out above are really all that
can be known for certain about this tale. All the remaining
details are hazy, confusing, or contested. This is not surprising
since two of the people in

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