Primer synthesis problems

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Sat Dec 11 18:42:29 EST 2004


Capell's work is, as Spoto notes in his Afterword, a frightful
piece of reactionary paranoia. But there are two details in his
pat anti-Kennedy tract that merit mention. First, Capell is
probably the first to propagate the idea that RFK was indirectly
responsible for his brother's murder. He does this by saying (p.
52), that commie sympathizer Bobby called off the investigation
of the shooting of General Edwin Walker in April of 1963, thus
allowing that crazed Communist Oswald to escape and later kill
JFK. This piece of rant has been modified later to fit into the
stilted mosaics of people like Davis and Waldron. What makes it
so fascinating is that, through the FBI's own files, we now have
evidence that Capell was deliberately creating a fiction: he had
information that Oswald was not a communist, but a CIA agent.

The second point worth examining about Capell's screed is the
part where he begins laying out the "conspiracy" to kill Marilyn,
specifically, RFK's motive for murder. Capell writes:
  But what if she were helped along into the next world by
  someone who would either benefit financially or who feared
  she might disclose something he wished to conceal. Suppose,
  for example, a marrie

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