clustering/distances for unrelated sequences

Thomas Isenbarger isen at
Sat Dec 11 16:06:20 EST 2004

Capell had worked for the government in World War II, but was
convicted on charges of eliciting kickbacks from contractors for
the war effort. After the war, in the Red Scare era, Capell began
publishing a Red baiting newsletter, The Herald of Freedom. He
was highly active in attempting to expose leftists in the
entertainment industry. It was this experience that put him in a
good position to pen his McCarthyite, murderous smear of Bobby

But there is another element that needs to be noted about Capell:
his ties to the FBI. As Lisa Pease noted in her watershed article
on Thomas Dodd (Probe Vol. 3#6), Capell was one of the sources
tapped by the Bureau in the wake of the assassination in order to
find out who Oswald really was. His information proved remarkably
penetrating, considering it came in February of 1964. Capell said
Oswald was a CIA agent. Even more interesting, Capell stated in
his FBI interview that this information came from "a friend of
his...with sources close to the presidential commission" i. e.,
the Warren Commis

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