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-head first. He published his
Marilyn biography, Goddess.

In it, he reveals (shockingly) that he bought into Slatzer.
Slatzer is profusely mentioned in both the index and his
footnotes. So are people like Haspiel and Jeane Carmen. Carmen is
another late-surfacing intimate of Monroe. Carmen professes to
have been Monroe's roomie when she lived on Doheny Drive, before
she bought her famous home in Brentwood. She began circulating
her story after Slatzer did his bit. Of course, Marilyn's
neighbors at Doheny, and her other friends, don't recall her
(Spoto p. 472). But Summers welcomes her because she provides
sexy details about Marilyn's torrid romance with Bobby. A third
peg in Summers' edifice is Ralph de Toledano. Summers describes
him as a "Kennedy critic" in the paperback version of his book
(p. 453). This is like saying that Richard Helms once did some
work for the CIA. De Toledano was a former OSS officer who Bill
Donovan got rid of because he was too much of a rabid
anticommunist. After the war, he hooked up with professional Red
baiter Isaac Don Levine of the publication Plain Talk. Levine was
another spooky journalist whom Allen Dulles, while he was on the
Warren Commission, considered using to write incriminating
articles about Oswald (Peter Scott, Deep Politics and the Death
of JFK p. 55). Later on, de Toledano found a home at former CIA
officer and E. Howard Hunt pal Bill Buckley's National Review. If
one we

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