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Relations on this very subject and admitted to the
domestic spying (Imperial Brain Trust p. 61). Why? Because their
selective exposure could be used to oust Angleton. Many now
believe that Hersh's stories were part of Colby's campaign to
oust Angleton, sanctioned by the CIA Director himself.

Next up for Hersh was the story of the downing of KAL 700. This
was the curious case of the Korean Air Liner shot down over
Russian air space after having drifted off course. Many suspected
that, as with the My Lai case, there was more here than met the
eye. The long length of time that the plane had been off course,
as well as its failure to respond to signals, led some to believe
that the Russians had no choice but to shoot down the plane. In
fact, many articles appeared, for example in The Nation, to
support that thesis. The Reagan administration wanted to portray
the incident as an example of Soviet barbarity (shades of
Basulto's Brothers to the Rescue). They, and specifically Jeanne
Kirkpatrick, treated the downing as a great propaganda victory.
In his book, The Target Is Destroyed, Hersh ended up siding with
the administration.

Which brings us to the nineties. Everyone knows that the broad
release of Oliver Stone's JFK in 1992 put the Kennedy
assassination back into play. The pre-release attack against the
film was unprecedented in movie history. That's because it was
more than just a movie. It was a message, with powerful political
overtones that dug deeply into

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