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who is eligible and clearly going places. If he
did not react positively to all the attention heaped on him, I am
sure his critics would begin to suggest a "certain latent
homosexual syndrome." But what makes this (lengthy) aspect of the
book interesting is that when the Blairs ask some of Kennedy's
girlfriends what his "style" was (clearly looking for juicy sex
details), as often as not, the answer is surprising. For
instance, in an interview with Charlotte McDonnell, she talks
about Kennedy in warm and friendly terms adding that there was
"No sex or anything" in their year long relationship (p. 81).

Another Kennedy girlfriend, the very attractive Angela Greene had
this to say:
  Q: Was he romantically pushy?
  A: I don't think so. I never found him physically
  aggressive, if that's what you mean. Adorable and sweet. (p.

In another instance, years later, Kennedy was dating the
beautiful Bab Beckwith. She invited Kennedy up to her apartment
after he had wined and dined her. There was champagne and low
music on the radio. But then a news broadcast came on and JFK
leaped up, ran to the radio, and turned up the volume to listen
to it. Offended, Beckwith threw him out.

Another curious observation that the book establishes is that

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