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ex-husband Cord Meyer,
and Mary's old college roomie Ann Chamberlain. The search goes on
for hours amid drinking and even dishwashing by Angleton. The
diary is not found. Later (at an unspecified time) Tony Bradlee
finds it in the studio, this time in a locked steel box. And this
time, there are "hundreds" of letters, not just several. In the
Rosenbaum version, Angleton says that he burned the whole
package. Yet Rosenbaum also writes that other unnamed sources say
the contents were sent to the Pinchot estate in Milford,

I could also quote other versions of the diary search e.g. the
sketchy one in the book Katherine the Great. But the point is
clear that someone - perhaps more than one - is lying. The
versions are not reconcilable. And they can't be chalked up to
memory lapses, not for such an unusual, even singular event. It
is striking that even the time frame and principals involved
change between versions. Concerning the former, if the call from
the Truitts came in the night of Mary's death, why wait five days
to search for the diary? About the latter, either all the people
who say they were there were not, or are lying about the presence
of others. Rosenbaum got interviews with some of the principals,
Angleton, Bradlee, and others who gave him bits of information
(Cord Meyer would seem to be a source). Yet in his detailed
account he can, with a straight face, write that the bonds among
those involved in the search were so strong that years later,
some of them attended a seance to attempt to establish contact
with Mary's departed spirit. Can anyone imagine Angleton or
Bradlee sitting through a seance? (I could imagine Angleton
arranging a fake one.)
That Rosenbaum can unabashedly write such a thing tells us a good
deal about him (for more on Rosenbaum see the sidebar at left).

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