Primer synthesis problems

Austin P. So (Hae Jin) nobody at
Sat Dec 11 19:28:19 EST 2004

as sentimental sop until the
       revelations of both Watergate and the Church Committee. This
       "good guy" image then needed to be altered since both those
       crises seemed to reveal that the Kennedys were actually different
       than what came before them (Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers)
       and what came after (Nixon). Thus began a series of anti-Kennedy

     3.   That Marilyn Monroe's death was somehow ordained by her
       "involvement" with the Kennedy "bad boys." Again, this was at
       first a rather peculiar cottage industry. But around the time of
       Watergate and the Church Committee it was given a lift, and going
       back to a 1964 paradigm, it combined elements of the first two
       movements into a Gothic (some would say grotesque) right-wing
       propaganda tract which is both humorous and depressing in its
       slanderous implications, and almost frightening in its political
       and cultural overtones. Egged on by advocates of Judith Exner
       (e.g. Liz Smith and Tony Summers), this political and cultural
       time bomb landed in Sy Hersh's and ABC's lap. When it blew up,
       all parties went into a damage control mode, pointing their
       fingers at each other. As we examine the sorry history of

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