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Sat Dec 11 18:31:30 EST 2004

Cheney) that had already interpenetrated the Bush Jr. administration as
well as the Bush Family itself. Enron. Although miseducated8 at Yale and
Harvard Business School, the "Ivies" proved to be too liberal for Bush
Jr. and his fundamentalist Christian supporters, whose pointman and
spearcarrier in the Bush Jr. administration was Ashcroft, a Fundie
himself. The Neo-Cons and the Fundies contracted an "unholy alliance" in
support of Bush Jr. For their own different reasons, both gangs also
worked hand-in-hand to support Israel's genocidal Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon, an internationally acknowledged war criminal.9 According to his
own public estimate and boast before the American Enterprise Institute,
President Bush Jr. hired about 20 Straussians to occupy key positions in
his administration, intentionally taking offices where they could push
American foreign policy in favor of Israel and against its chosen
enemies such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Palestinians.10 Most of the
Straussian Neo-Cons in the Bush Jr. administration and elsewhere are

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