Primer synthesis problems

Austin P. So (Hae Jin) nobody at
Sat Dec 11 16:45:23 EST 2004

to anyone. Then Bush Jr. and Kofi Annan
publicly shed some crocodile tears for the U.N. personnel victims of
that tragedy, for which the former bear joint and several responsibility
with the perpetrators. Of course the U.N. Secretary General and the U.N.
Secretariat have operated as proxies for the United States government
for at least the past decade since the collapse of the Soviet Union.52
And the complicity of the United Nations Secetariat in the
administration of the genocidal economic sanctions against Iraq was well
known to the long-suffering Iraqi People.53 Tearing-up the
Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact Functionally today the United Nations
Organization has become about as ineffectual at stopping naked
aggression by the United States and its hench-state the United Kingdom
as the League of Nations had become in stopping Nazi Germany, Fascist
Italy, Imperial Japan, and Stalinst Russia during the 1930s. Indeed,
from a comparative historical perspective, under U.S. hegemonial
imperialism the legal, institutional and political situation is far
worse. For Security

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