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asks Exner to give O'Donnell a ride home. When she drops him off,
Exner has Ken make an incomplete pass at her. That's when I
realized why Ken had not just called a cab while waiting around.

O'Donnell had been one of those who wouldn't ratify Exner's
visits to the White House. So Exner and Demaris have to make a
lecher out of him in order to weaken his credibility and preserve

Although Judith Exner: My Story is pretty thin and prosaic, it
runs on for 300 pages. But evidently, Demaris didn't ask enough
tough questions. Because in 1988 Exner's story started growing
arms and legs. In the February 29, 1988 issue of People magazine,
Kennedy's picture appeared on the cover. The magazine now did
what the Church Committee could not: it linked Kennedy with the
plots to kill Castro. The story billed Exner as "the link between
JFK and the Mob."

Exner's 1988 Version

Exner's writer for her new rendition was none other than Kitty
Kelley, the woman who shattered the non-fiction category forever
by reducing it to tabloid standards. Significantly, the article
was entitled "The Dark Side of Camelot," a phrase used by Ron
Rosenbaum (who will be discussed later) and the title of the
upcoming book by Sy Hersh, of whom Kelley is a great admirer. In
this new version, Exner now said that she was seeing Sam Giancana
at Kennedy's bidding. She even helped arrange meetings between
JFK and Giancana and JFK and Roselli. Some of the meetings took
place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Why would Kennedy need
personal consultation with gangsters like Sam

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