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men like Averill Harriman, Henry
Stimson, John Foster Dulles and the like. The common rubric used
to catalog them is the Eastern Establishment. The Kennedy
brothers were constantly at odds with them. In 1962, Bobby
clashed with Dean Acheson during the missile crisis. Acheson
wanted a surprise attack; Bobby rejected it saying his brother
would not go down in history as another Tojo. In 1961, JFK
disobeyed their advice at the Bay of Pigs and refused to add air
support to the invasion. He was punished for this in Fortune
magazine with an article by Time-Life employee Charles Murphy
that blamed Kennedy for the failure of the plan. Kennedy stripped
Murphy of his Air Force reserve status but - Murphy wrote to Ed
Lansdale - that didn't matter; his loyalty was to Allen Dulles
anyway. In 1963, Kennedy crossed the Rubicon and actually printed
money out of the Treasury, bypassing that crowning jewel of Wall
Street, the Federal Reserve Board. And as Donald Gibson has
written, a member of this group, Jock Whitney, was the first to
put out the cover story about that Krazy Kid Oswald on 11/22/63
(Probe Vol. 4 No.1).

Killing off the Legacy

In 1964, author Morris Bealle, a genuine conservative and critic
of the Eastern Establishment, wrote a novel called Guns of the
Regressive Right, depicting how that elite group had gotten rid
of Kennedy. There certainly is a lot of evidence to substantiate
that claim. There were few tears shed by most rightwing groups
over Kennedy's death. Five years later, they played hardball
again. King and Bobby Kennedy were shot. One would think the coup
was complete. The war was over.

That would be underestimating these people. They are in it 

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