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Sat Dec 11 17:54:00 EST 2004

record testimony of the principals involved via Sen. Frank

Like the Washington Post and New York Times, Smith has her
hatchet out for the Church Committee. About the most extensive
investigation of the CIA and FBI ever, she says that it was a
"little nothing of a half-assed investigation," that the report
was written by "aides and underlings" and that they asked Exner
"rather pointless questions." She finishes them off by
characterizing it as "the pathetic 1975 Church hearings," the
implication being that Smith - between interviews of Barbara
Streisand and Julia Roberts - has been digging through the newly
declassified record and will now set us straight.

But her only source is Exner. And, like Kelley, Smith seems to
avoid asking the tough questions, probably because these two have
been pals since 1977. At one point she calls her a "real star."

None of the inconsistencies or absurdities I have noted get into
the article. In fact, Smith adds more of her own. As with
Demaris, one of her aims is to make Exner a victim of the press
so that she can imply that the "liberal media" is "protecting"
the Kennedys. As demonstrate

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