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song weining sweining2002 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 11 18:41:21 EST 2004

Kennedy's assassination. The 1988 People version - boosted by
two Times stories previewing its release - seems done to get the
jump on other stories for the 25th anniversary (as we shall see,
Ron Rosenbaum filled this role for the 20th anniversary). The
latest edition, with Exner aware of the JFK Act, was done at the
beginning of what was originally to be the last year of the
Review Board. Smith wrote the piece before the extra year was
granted by Congress. Smith's friendliness with Hersh, seems to
further this. For according to the ARRB's original timetable, the
Vanity Fair piece would arrive at the beginning of its last year
and Hersh's attack book in October, right when the Review Board
was originally set to shut down. This would make a nice pincers
movement with which to smother the Board's serious and
blockbuster work amid sexy smears about abortions and Marilyn
Monroe (Hersh).

In historical perspective, the Times and Safire, and the Post and
Ben Bradlee (who, as we shall see, also embraced Exner) opened
the flood gates to all kinds of National Enquirer type stories
about JFK's private life. Rumors about Monroe, numerous
secretaries, these all started to get tossed about. A prominent
one about to be recycled emerged just a year after Exner. It was
promulgated again 

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