Christina Aguilera naked

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SMOKIN that WACKY tabacky again Huh?

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> She then adds:
>  If I could have killed that man, I would have on the spot.
>  There is nothing heinous about having an abortion today, but
>  in 1963, my God, it was the sin of the century. They knew
>  precisely what they were doing when they falsely accused me
>  of something like that.
> Another problem with this story is how Exner knows it was JFK's
> child. She deduces this from the fact she had been with no one
> else during the whole time, "not ever" she assures us. Trying to
> remain a gentleman, I will only refer the reader to approximately
> the second half of the book, which details a rather active social
> life on her part.
> Finally, what raises this latest revelation to a jocular level is
> Exner's description of Kennedy's reaction to her pregnancy when
> she informs him of the news. Again, let us use Exner's own words
> as quoted by Smith:
>  So Jack said, "Do you think Sam would help us? Would you ask
>  Sam? Would you mind asking?" I was surprised, but said I'd
>  ask. So I called Sam and we had dinner. I told him what I
>  needed. He blew sky-high. "Damn him

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