Label for vials

Tom Knight tk at
Sun Dec 12 21:22:01 EST 2004

"seg" <seggewis at> writes:
> Where can I get label for vials that will be stored in a -20°C freezer? I´m 
> searching for label like the ones NewEnglandBiolabs, MBI Fermentas ... use.
> Who knows???

We use the Brother PT-9500PC computer driven label maker for all our
labels, including the -80 freezer labels.  We primarily use the TZ-241
black on white 18 mm wide tape, but the larger, smaller, and different
colored tapes are sometimes useful.

One of the very useful things is that it can automatically print small
dates on labels, which, with initials of users, can be used to index
into lab notebooks to identify what things are.  I often print an
additional label and stick it into the notebook.

Although we haven't been using it, bar codes can be done with it as well.

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