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Me too.  Looks like something like a worm thatn is using our email addresses to 
send these mailing out.  

Quoting "Jayakumar, R" <R.Jayakumar at RoswellPark.org>:

> I am getting huge numbers of these mails (a sample attached below) which
> seems to be junk articles send by someone through an automated reply.  I
> have no idea what they are.  But if someone is doing this, please stop
> it.  This is a science newsgroup, and we are not interested to fill our
> mailboxes with spams like this.
>    What doth your interest in spoiling our day?
> Jai
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> film of Monroe's murder?
> Will Hersh now say that he was duped on the Monroe docs but now
> he has the real McCoy: it was Jayne Mansfield all along. With Liz
> Smith as the moderator, satire is impossible in this field.
> But down deep, submerged but still present, there is a resistance
> to all this. The public knows something is wrong. Two years ago,
> CBS and the New York Times conducted a poll which asked the
> respondents: If you could pick a President, any President, which
> one would you choose to run the country today? The winner, in a
> landslide, was John F. Kennedy who doubled the tally of the
> second place finisher. In 1988, Rolling Stone surveyed the
> television generation, i.e. the below forty group, on their
> diverse opinions and attitudes. Their two most admired public
> leaders were Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, dead twenty
> years before, when many of those polled were infants or not even
> born. This holds not just in America. In Pete Hammill's 1995 book
> Piece Work, he relates an episode in his life when his car broke
> down in the Mexican countryside. He walked to a poor, Third World
> style hut which had no amenities except a phone. Before he left,
> he thanked the native Mexicans who lived there and took a look
> around the dilapidated, almost bare interior. The only
> decorations he saw were a plaster figurine of Che Guevara, and
> near it, a photo of John Kennedy.
> It's that international Jungian consciousness, however bottled
> up, ambiguous, uncertain, that must be dislodged. In a sense,
> this near-maniacal effort, and all the money and effort involved
> in it, is a 
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