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Deanne Bell dbell at fresno.ars.usda.gov
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I would highly recommend that you ask each company to send you a pipette
to try out for a week or 2.  Most companies have a demo pipettor that
they are willing to send out (especially if you are going to purchase
 Electronic pipettors can vary in their programming.  Some pipets are
very intuitive to use and others are prettyclunky to handle.   'Matrix'
is another company that has reliable and innovative multichannel
pipettors (adjustable distances between channel heads), but their
electronic programming is counter-intuitive and a bit of a pain to
reprogram for each use. 
I have never used any of the brands you asked about.

Hope this helps
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I want to buy several 8 channel electronic pipettors. I found three
companies that manufacture/market such pipettors:

- e-PET Electronic Pipettors from Scidynamics,

- Multi Channel Digital Pipette from Topac,

- Tranferpette from Geneq, and

- Multi-Channel Electronic Pipettors from Geneq.

Any one has experience with any of these pipettors and any
recomendation? Your response and recommendation will be very much



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