background in flag IP: can beads be blocked w/BSA ?

lorentz at lorentz at
Wed Dec 22 11:25:56 EST 2004

hi all,

I'm looking for protein-protein interactions, I'm using the Sigma
ez-view Flag beads gel. My tagged protein is highly expressed ( well
detectable on a WB ) and all I want to do so far is to IP this protein
with anything that interacts with it and see a band on a gel.
But If I try to elute it and load it into a gel and then silver stain,
I see a lot of nonspecific bands. Same w/coomassie.
I dont' have proteinG or IGs right now to clear the lysates, so I was
wondering if beads can be pre-cleared using the standard 5% BSA or
something similar.
Did anybody try ?

thanks in advance,


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