Sequencing kit - how long in room temperature?

Nina Mononen nina.mononen at
Tue Dec 28 04:27:19 EST 2004

I think there's no way of telling whether the kit (the enzyme)  is okey, 
you just have to test it. We have had a similar 'accident' and the kit 
worked fine, especially as the target sequence was really 'easy', that 
is, it gave very good sequence with no efford at all : )


Kasia wrote:

>Hello, I need some info about sequenase. After I have ordered a
>sequencing kit from Applied Biosystems  and this ordering has been
>done, someone in our lab has forgotten that it should be stored at
>temperature - 20. Three days it was standing on the shelf in room
>temperature. It was quite new. In this situation, is it worth using
>(or trying to use???). Is any chance that it can still be good?
>Thanks in advance

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