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ChenHA hzhen at
Fri Dec 31 14:06:54 EST 2004

"D.K." wrote:
> As I know the difference in my case was no more than 2X, I could also
> think that there might be a difference between chemical transformation
> (as in above) and electroporation (that I use). If "chemical" cells are
> "sicker" then perhaps they are more sensitive to the weak bactericidal
> activity of Amp?

I can't really say, since I use only chemical methods, but I shouldn't
think blasting holes in the cells in electroporation would do the
cells much good either.  But I do think that some cell strains are
probably worse affected than others, for example, I suspect XL1 Blue
has weaker cell wall already and may do worse in this respect, but I
never had much problem DH5alpha.  If incubation is necessary, I think
10 minutes is probably all that it needs for ampicillin selection.

> DK

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