DIG-system/CSPD/high background after stripping of probe

Sibylle sohlweiler at gmx.de
Mon Feb 2 10:05:10 EST 2004


It´s some weeks now that our DIG-detection system (Boeringer/Mannheim)
doesn´t work anymore. Our problem is the stripping of a probe before
re-hybridization it with another (stripping is absolutely essential
for our work and worked properly in the last 5 years). Although Ab-
and Substrate-Solution are always rel. new, the background is to dark
The membrane which we use is HybondN (Amersham).
We checked the membrane (whose composition, besides, was changed
within the last 5 years), all solutions for hybridization were made
new, blocking-buffer was checked, time of stripping was increased.

Did "Tropix" change the composition of CSPD?

If anybody knows anything, please let us know!

Thanks in advance,

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