Retroviral promoter : next to my Promoter

Tobias McNultey yando.geo at
Mon Feb 2 23:46:17 EST 2004

I'm looking at this  gene that has  interesting
transcription properties. I have
the  genomic sequence near the 5' end of
the transcriptional strat site.

A promoter finder found this sequence which
has  CCATC and TATAAAA and a GC box--real pretty canonical promoter
but it's an "MLT1" repeat about 200 nucs upstream
of my transcr start site and same orientation 5' to 3'.
Another (predicted)promoter lies closer to the transcr start site,
maybe the "real" prmoter, but less typical-looking.

Might this promoter-like seq  play a role in the transcription of
my gene? If it's such a canonical looking promoter,
might it interfere? The chimp ortholog doesn't have this retroviral
promoter in its sequence but only human does.

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