p53 monoclonal antibody for westerns on MOUSE isoform

John Hines john.hines at yale.edu
Wed Feb 4 16:40:45 EST 2004

I beginning to think that companies exaggerate "just a little" when it
comes to describing what their products can and cannot do.

I want to try and detect p53 by western blot using a monoclonal anti-p53
antibody.  I'm starting with MOUSE cells, and am looking to first
immunoprecipitate the p53, and then test the precipitate for p53 (or
anything else that gets pulled down) by western.  I have a great rabbit
polyclonal antibody against p53 for the immunoprecipitation. 
Unfortunately, since p53 and rabbit IgG heavy chain both run at nearly the
same MW, I need to use a monoclonal to do the western blot.

I have tested a few different anti-p53 mononclonals by simple westerns
(without the immunoprecipitation) on my mouse cells without success; and
most of the remaining monoclonal anti-p53 antibodies that are out there
often don't even recognize the mouse isoform.

So, if there's anyone out there who has first hand experience doing p53
western blots on mouse cells using a monoclonal p53 antibody, I'd love to
hear which monoclonal antibody you've been using.

John Hines

john.hines at yale.edu

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