HUH7 cells maintainance PROBLEM

Wolfgang Schechinger hubahopp at
Fri Feb 6 09:46:58 EST 2004

Just 2 general considerations:

EDTA (without trypsin) is more gentle and could be sufficient

flushing the TC dishes with gelatine solution (or more expensive: traeting
with a solution of collagen (eg extracted from rat tails) in diluted acetic
scid, followed by evaporation in vacuo) sometimes helps, too

Best, Wo

At 04:33 06.02.2004 -0800, redeamer wrote:
>Hi guys!
>i have a very big problem with maintaining Huh7 human hepatocarcinoma
>cell line, i use IMDM as medium with 1XPen-Str and 10% Foetal Calf
>Serum... I trypsinize them and afterwards they are not really happy:((
>As for their morphology: interesting cells almost transparent....
>something is wrong:(
>Can you share some really good protocol for maintaining Huh7 and their
>electroporation conditions (both with DNA and RNA), as well as their
>splitting techniques... i feel that trypsinization must becrucially
>transformed or replaced with some other method.... may be its better
>for them to grow on a plain flask?
>Any suggestions are highly appreciated,
>thank you
>---------------> Drew
Wolfgang Schechinger


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