``||´´_Linear_``||´ ´_Conformational_``||´´_Epitope _ ` `||´´_Retrieval

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Tue Feb 10 16:37:16 EST 2004

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> you mentioned that your deletions are tagged - the best control here is 
> to blot with anti-tag Ab the same set of deletions. No one can ask for 
> more.

...already done

> It is likely not the case, but theoretically your epitope still can be 
> conformational - protein can refold on the membrane. In fact, change 
> from SDS (or more commonly sarcosyl) into Triton is one of the 
> renaturation methods.

...this is very good!:) the feeling becomes stronger:)
...of course it could be renaturated on my PVDF:)).. it makes sense
and very logic, and this means i have more work to do.... but if ill
get a native antibody with that sort of affinity that will be

> Does your antibody IP native protein? IP with your Ab, detect on the 
> western with anti-tag and you shall be free of your intrinsic feeling!

... to be done next, after linear epitope mapping is completed
... then i wont have any feeling at all just plain persuadive data:)
> Peter



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