Lowest price of mp3 player, digital camera, cd/vcd/mp3 player, USB flash drive and PC camera!

HY Tech technology_hy at sina.com
Sat Feb 14 00:04:06 EST 2004

My dear friends,

We can supply mp3 player, cd/vcd/mp3 player, digital camera and USB flash drive with new style
and good price. We, HY Technology Limited is a professional company developing and producing new 
electronic products, including MP3 Player, CD/VCD/MP3 player, digital camera and PC camera, USB 
flash drive.

Please see the price list of our products:

MP3 player
About 50USD/128M
About 77USD/256M
We have many kinds of mp3 player with latest fashion, such as the world's smallest player, 
supporting 8 languages, with FM radio function, etc.

Digital camera (with status LCD)
15USD/300K pixels
26USD/1300K pixels (negotiable with the amount)
35USD/2.1M pixels
65USD/3M pixels 65USD

PC camera
11USD/350K pixels
7USD/100K pixels

USB flash drive with original Samsung flash
64M	21.5USD
128M	35.5USD
256M	61.5USD

CD/VCD/MP3 player (3 play function in 1) including remote control and blue back light  
22 USD (Negotiable with the amount).
All the players can come with car adapter and cassette adapter!! If you need them, just add

We have our own factory located in Shenzhen, China. Thus, our strong R & D team can work out the 
products to satisfy your need.

If you need more information, please mail to us and we will send detailed catalogue, price list,
our website and other information to you.

Sincerely hope to establish a prosperous business relationship with you in future.

Hattie Yuan
Sales Specialist
HY Technology (HK) Limited 

If this email has disturbed you, please just delete it. Thank you!


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