total RNA from GL15 cells

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Well, first of all, thanx for answer.
I need to set up conditions for comparative semi-quantitative RT-PCR using
correlated and very expensive cells so my boss told me to try GL15 to
calculate initial parameters to perform RT-PCR.
Ambion tells that from 12500 eukaryotic cells the best total RNA extraction
yelds <50ng, but I wanted confirm for that.
Thanks so much.


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> On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 20:13:40 GMT, "cloningman"
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> >Hi.
> >I'm trying to isolate total RNA from GL15 cells (glioblastoma).
> >Unfortunately, I have to start from 500,000 cells (not more) but the
> >amount of total RNA obtained is about 10 micrograms. Is that a good
> >Thx so much!
> >
> That's pretty typical. More than many other cells in my experience,
> actually.
> What do you need to do with it?
> Nick
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