Alternatives to Laemli?

EK nobody at
Mon Feb 16 17:57:17 EST 2004

> have relatively equal mobilities through low percentage PAAG. However,
> both reach separating gel at pH 8.8, glycine picks up creating a charge
> "vacuum" zone immediately behind the transition line between the two gel

---- I will correct myself: its "immediately below the transition line" (in
vertical systems)

> layers. This charge vacuum slows down migration of proteins as they enter
> the separating gel, causing a stacking effect. I hope I remember that
> correctly.
> As for the original post, I don't think SDS-based buffer would work for
> studying protein/RNA complexes at all, simply because SDS would denature
> protein. There are non-denaturing buffer systems, like Tris-borate-EDTA
> (TBE) that work fine for that purpose.

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