E. coli Question

EK someone at microsoft.net
Wed Feb 18 12:18:07 EST 2004

Culture at OD600~0.6 is equivalent to 1g/l dry cell weight. The cell pellet
is ~90% water, with 60% of dry weight being protein.Of course the above is
rough approximation. There will be strain to strain, medium to medium
differences, as well as the numbers will depend on culture growth rate and

"Gary" <gp95ac at brocku.ca> wrote in message
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> Hey folks,
> Does anyone have an approximation of how much dry cell weight would be
> contained in a wet cell pellet of E. coli??
> I know this should be determined empirically, but surely someone who
> works with E. coli regularly should have an idea.
> Would it be 50% of the weight = dry cell mass (or another percentage)?
> So some detail
> E.coli K12 (37C, 220rpm) overnight, saturated culture
> Spin down, discard media, aspirate off any remaining.
> Thanks for the tips!!
> Gary

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