Early termination

EK someone at microsoft.net
Wed Feb 25 13:46:36 EST 2004

1.Make sure there are no frameshifts.
2. CheckDNA sequence for alternative stop codons and RNApol termination
sequences.There are tools on the web to do the latter
3.Try other expression vectors, including ones providing fusion partners
like thioredoxin, GST, MBP.

<YingFang_Yang at itri.org.tw> wrote in message
news:OFE0FB6D44.27CB3852-ON48256E44.000CC463-48256E44.000CC49D at itri.org.tw...
> I get some trouble in my recombinant proteins. Expression of the proteins
> are early terminated and I can not get the whole length proteins.
> Could any one give me some suggestion to improve the expression?
> Thanks!
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