Differential Phosphorylation in response to a wild-type and mutant protein kinase

EK nobody at elnino.com
Thu Jan 8 19:21:24 EST 2004

> The problem with this approach is the kinase in question seems to be a
> S/T kinase, not a Y.  And again, this would only show rough
> differences.  I need to show a specific difference between two
> phosphorylated species.  manufacturing phospho-specific antibodies is
> not feasible since the phosphorylated residues are not mapped (and
> mapping these as you probably know is even more tedious than showing a
> simple difference).
I did not understand your argument. If you use fluorescent detection, it
should be quite quantitative. There are phosphoserine and phosphothreonine
antibodies available. Search google. E.g., this one
(http://www.abcam.com/?datasheet=9338 ) looks quite specific to PyT. I am
not a specialist in this area though...

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